Monday, June 28, 2010

quilt-a-long update

I've been following along with Crazy Mom Quilts quilt-a-long, and am caught up to date. Yes, I am one of those Monday morning stalkers on her blog, and just can't wait for the next update so I can do all of the entire week's worth of quilting in the next hour. (Sorry Amanda, my kids actually think I am the crazy mom who quilts - they were surprised yesterday to find out that's actually not my name, even in blogland.) However, I will have to admit that I am really sick of cutting out 2 1/2" fabric squares after this past week. Can't wait to see them finally go together.
. . . So glad she got us started on such a darling little center block.

what a way to start!

Okay, I start a new quilting blog, and then just drop off the face of blogland. Hmmm.

Our computer has been broken. The 'r' key decided to stop working, and therefore, we couldn't type without sounding like we had no teeth (how a-e you today? we a-e going to the lib-a-y ...). Then other keys stopped working, and without a fully functioning keyboard, it's really hard to log in to sites that require a password.

Our choices: a new computer, or a $12 keyboard. We chose the $12 keyboard, and are now back in business. More quilt postings soon . . .

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

feedsack fabrics

I finally decided to start my own quilt blog at the same time I decided to join up with this quilt-a-long (which I'm so excited about). This is my pile of feed sack fabrics - a mix of Windham Feed sack VI Thirties and Blue Hill Feed sack Thirties fabrics. Love it! P.S. If you happen to find this blog at this stage, be sure to check back in the coming weeks. Maybe I shouldn't be starting this until I have everything set up the way I want it, but I'm afraid that if I don't just dive in and get going, treating this as a work in progress, I may just never get the nerve to start. Here I go . . .