Tuesday, September 14, 2010

martian quilt design

Do you ever stay up all night, designing and quilting? Not in reality, I mean - just in your head as you lay tossing and turning in bed - quilt patterns and fabrics rolling around in your brain, stealing precious sleep. That's what happened to me Sunday night.

Before I went to bed, I jotted down this design. That must have been my problem. I had some great martian fabric from Timeless Treasures that I wanted to use, and came up with a brainstorm design that would be similar to a string quilt without using paper piecing. I tossed and turned all night, got up early in the morning, cut out enough fabric to make one test block, and . . .
. . . it worked! Now I can't wait to finish it up and see the end result. (Plus, I even got sleep last night. Maybe the trick is to actually make a block - not just design it before bedtime.)

And the other exciting news is that I am being featured on Quilt Story! What a honor in my small little blogging world! So . . . for any of you who happen to drop in from there, be sure to follow my blog, as I plan to have a great giveaway soon (involving the lovely Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley fabric line). And thank you so much to Heather & Meagan - you two are wonderful!


  1. Cute block!

    You should check out my blog today. Maybe.

  2. Congrats!!!! Oh, & happy birthday :)

  3. Um I am ALWAYS kept up late thinking of quilts and patterns and fabrics!!

    We are so happy to feature you, your quilt is beautiful! You've gotten an amazing response too, good work!

  4. What a great block - it looks wonderful! And congrats on your win - on your birthday! Happy day!

  5. Oh that is just too cute. I love it. And by the way....congratulations on winning a GO! Fabric Cutter....how exciting :)


  6. Congrats on the AccuQuilt win. We've been posting all of the giveaways including all the AccuQuilts we could find on our fabric forum here. We'd love to have you pop in and give a review or tell us about it. Maybe some pictures!