Monday, December 20, 2010

christmas pecans and quilt

I just love Amy Smart and her blog. She is always so inspirational and has so many darling quilts to share. I just finished a quilt that she collected the fabrics for - lots of retro Christmas fabrics that made up into a cozy old fashioned snuggly quilt.

Thankfully my kids were willing quilt hangers for these photos. Un-thankfully the lighting was terrible, and the next few days we had rain and snow, so I finally decided just to post anyway.

Here's the front: And the back (with Dr. Seuss fabric and some cute stuff from JoAnns):

And just a side note: This year for Christmas goodie sharing, I ordered some cute little jars online and filled them with candied pecans to take to neighbors and friends. We put a little sticker label on the front, saying Merry Christmas from our family, and took them around this weekend.
That was a super fun project, and a big hit as well. I love giving out cute little goodies.


  1. LOVE that quilt. Also, I am getting a new machine for my birthday. I am wondering what machines other quilters use and love. Thoughts?

  2. Hi Annie! I have a Viking Sapphire, which I absolutely love. It has a bigger throat space than normal, so it's easier to bunch up the quilt when quilting. My kids and some friends use Janome machines and really enjoy them too. Happy Birthday!

  3. What size is the quilt once completed?