Friday, July 23, 2010

my day is officially made!

I am a giveaway winner, and am so excited! I signed up for a (darling) pattern giveaway on the Quilt Story blog, and this morning, when I was scrolling through all of my favorite quilt blogs - I saw my name listed there as a winner - yippee! I never win giveaway's, and that just made my day - thank you Quilt Story! (And for those of you who haven't checked out that blog yet - you should go look at it. I love how the real stories of quilts are shared - the challenges and love behind the scenes.)

And, for those of you wondering how all of the other projects are going, hopefully I will have a photo soon to explain what I've been working on that is putting me behind in my quilt-a-long. I will catch up soon though!

Yippee for today!

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  1. SUper cute blog. You are welcome :)

    Heather and Megan