Wednesday, July 28, 2010

distracted projects

I did it! I finished my queen sized quilt top. Must admit, I was inspired to finish due to Amy's challenge, and then wasn't linked up properly to receive feed from her new web page and couldn't enter the lovely giveaway - but I am still so happy to have been inspired to finally finish this top. My husband told me it looks pretty easy, but I have informed him that sometimes quilts that look simple are the hardest to make. Curved little scraps sewn together is not a simple quilt. He is duly impressed now. And then that wonderful husband and I went out this weekend and bought new bikes. I'm so excited to ride with the kids! So of course, I had to make new little bike buckets for them (which wouldn't have taken quite so long to make if I would have appliqued the first alligator to the front of the bucket instead of the back - then had to go and put another one on the front - a very decorated little thing and lots of applique practice for me). I'm thinking that maybe if they carry around snacks and a drink in a cute little fabric basket, they won't notice that I'm keeping them out riding so long.
And the kids are completely caught up on their quilt blocks.

And due to my stray sewing this week . . . if you want to see my progress in my personal QAL, you will just have to scroll down to a previous post. I'm hoping to catch up soon, but there's just all these distractions - so many things to sew - so little time!

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