Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I know - it's been a long time since I last posted - but, did you see the previous post as to what I've been working on?! That's one big quilt!

I actually finished the quilting of it today, but no sneak peeks yet. I've got to put the binding on before I post end result photos. For now, a few details . . .

This is the bowl of basting pins I used for this quilt. It's a queen sized quilt, the largest I've made, and I had to go out and buy additional safety pins 3 times in order to have enough to finish basting it properly. That's after moving the furniture in our living room to even accommodate the stretching of it. Today, after three 547 yd. thread spools and 17 bobbins (yes, seventeen, that's not a typo), I finished quilting the new quilt for our bed. I would have liked to do some echo quilting on it, but had no idea if I could even reach the middle without puckering everything to pieces, so I went with a much more forgiving stipple, and have ended up loving the crinkly look it made.

My machine: a Viking Sapphire and a Fab-U-Motion attachment, and I love it! What a great invention for those of us without the room or the finances for a long arm. I can still dream of one, but in the meantime - keep posted - I'll get that binding on soon enough, and have a tricky way I want to try out for putting the tag on this time.

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  1. How do you quilt a quilt that big without a long arm? I am taking on my first queen-size quilt, but I am still piecing the top. I am trying to to think of what in the world I am going to do when I actually have to quilt it. I was thinking of just tie quilting it. I just can't get all the material through the tiny arm of my machine.