Friday, August 20, 2010

denyse schmidt single girl queen sized - check!

. . . And here it is, in all it's glory - Our completed quilt! Okay - the hexies on the pillows are just laying there - it didn't look quite right without some of the color and shape that will eventually be on the shams - but the quilt is done! Most of the fabric is from the Hope Valley line, but there are some omissions from that line, substituted with other fabrics. Since it is on our happily married bed, we choose to call it 'Family Circles' instead of 'Single Girl' - the original title just didn't seem to fit for us.

And of course, I always love the tags on quilts. There's a secret love note hidden on the back, which I didn't photograph because it's secret - but it was done in the same embroidery as the letters on this tag, which I stitched right into the binding.
The back is actually really fun too, but since I just now realized that I forgot to take a picture - I'll have to try and remember to do that later.
Anyway - it's done!!! That was a lot of work, and sure is nice to snuggle up with at night - all the stippling just makes it drape so nicely. Well done, me!


  1. I love, love, love your quilt, and the hexes to top it off. I have lots of scraps cut out and ready to become hexes, but that is where it has stopped... three years ago. I didn't think to use the piano lesson time.

  2. OH! I bought this pattern a year ago...and still haven't started it! Love it!

  3. Your quilt is stunning! I love everything about it. Did you do the stippling on it?


  4. oh my!!!! i just love it!
    and I am so glad to see how you quilted it. I am trying to figure out what to do with mine (and mine is a queen sized, too.)
    Your quilt really is gorgeous. I'll bet you are so happy to be using it every night.

    I finished up sewing the quilt top today, so now I'm really excited to figure out the quilting. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog to tell me about your quilt.

    :) Jessica

  5. I love it! I just started on my SG and now I'm obsessed with finishing. I love that you simple stippled yours - I might do the same. Love your secret love note tucked inside.