Thursday, October 28, 2010

it's done!

I completed my quilt top, and not a moment too soon. My goal was to finish it up before we had company this weekend. They come in today, and I finished it yesterday. Kind of pushing it to the limit ...

I think I may actually like this quilt top, after the pain of making it wears off. I followed this quilt along, knowing that she always makes darling things. I think it was worth it in the end - but I must say that if I hadn't already cut everything out, I definitely would have quit in the middle. I think this will go in my closet for a while. If this little baby on the way turns out to be a girl, maybe it can go on her bed when she gets old enough. I can tell her it was my huge challenge to finish up so I could get to work quilting all those darling little baby quilts.
Twin size, Moda 30's reproduction fabrics, 2 1/2 inch squares everywhere, rotating out from the center.


  1. Dawn, I LOVED this last quilt you just finished. You have totally hit me with the quilt bug. Now that I get to view all your master pieces. I'm dreamin quilts now. Thank You! I'm still keeping an eye for those hectagons you cut up????? You've gotta give this girl a hint or two, I'm dying to know.