Monday, October 18, 2010

quilt tops only

I really need to stop piecing and start quilting. (Wouldn't that be such a great excuse to just bag that quilt that's driving me crazy right now - all cut out, and only halfway pieced together, but driving me loony.) This little baby on the way is sure going to have some fun quilts. I'm sure more will be in the works when we find out the gender. For now though ...Starting at the top left: a wonky log cabin quilt made of Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley fabrics, then the martian quilt made mostly of Michael Miller fabrics, then a funky Dr. Seuss quilt, and on the bottom, a Moda Bliss quilt made with the Apple Core die from the AccuQuilt Go! Cutter that I won.

So anyway, I haven't been stale in all of my non-blogging - I've only just had the energy to put quilt tops together, not blog after that. Now, on to the backs (well, maybe after I put together just one or two more tops ...).


  1. I don't know - your piecing seems to be going so well...hate to mess with a good thing.

  2. Wow so cute! I keep forgetting to check this blog. Everytime I do it makes me want to drag out my quilting stuff again.