Sunday, April 3, 2011

dan stiles marine quilt

When I first saw the Dan Stiles Marine fabric line, I became a stalker. I watched any web site that said it was coming soon, and then watched it some more, waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting. This fabric line actually was slotted to come out in October or November of last year, and kept getting postponed. I think it was January or early February before I finally received my fabric purchase. I love the colors though - it was worth the wait. My biggest problem with this fabric line was that it was so cute, I just couldn't figure out a pattern to put it together in. I finally decided on this design, with the centers being the big designs, and the edges of the block just enhancing with color.I love the little guy in a boat that I saved for the back. (He's not from the Marine line - can't remember where I got him.) I just think he's adorable.
Quilting this time around wasn't my favorite. I like how it turned out in the end, but it took me quite a while to be motivated enough to actually complete the quilting portion because I quilted it with straight lines, rather that free motion. Not my favorite way to quilt, but I like the end result this time.
Just one more quilt that a little baby in the southwest really doesn't need, especially with summer coming up. It's just so fun to be creative with little boy fabrics though!


  1. Oh Dawn, I love how you framed each scene in the squares. What a cute quilt! Makes me miss the ocean.

  2. Really, really cute! I love the fabric and the quilt design is perfect!